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Salted Ocean Dyes

Christmas Stockings

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These large handmade Christmas Stockings were sewn by a fellow artist out of lightweight denim. The denim takes the dye beautifully while firmly holding its shape. Perfect over the holiday mantle or as a decorative wall piece for your home. Making the holidays a bit brighter and colorful. 


Length (from top to toe): 19.25”

Width (top of stocking): 9.5”

Return policy

Please see our full return policy here. Keep in mind that due to the unpredictable nature of this process, custom garments are not eligible for a return unless otherwise discussed with the artist.

Custom Dyed Textiles

Each garment and textile is made by hand using a completely unrepeatable process. Our standard dyeing techniques harness the power of ice to deposit dye in the fabric. Even when I use the same colors in the same amounts the process is unique every single time. Producing a completely unique piece of art.